Interested in working on solutions that delivery better online privacy using a "full-stack" approach that incorporates tracker blocking and anti-fingerprinting, identity/password management and e-commerce payments?

We'd like to bring on a few part-time dev's who are willing to commit 15-30 hours weekly for at least 6-12 months, probably leading to full time.

While Boston is preferred, we are open to anyone from anywhere who has both relevant skills and genuine interested in the problem. Compensation will be a mix of cash and equity and full-time employment eventually would be not only possible but ideal.

To us "full-stack" means you can work on a system from end-to-end, and can apply CS knowledge and experience across specific languages and platforms appropriately.

Technically we are Javascript-heavy regex-parsing heavy extension-based + iOS and Android Apps, Ruby server-side with increasing attention to machine-learning and recursive feedback loops.

Currently specific skills and experience we are looking for are in these areas:

* Ruby on Rails

* Core JavaScript Development

* Browser Extension development

* DOM hacking

Additional experience with the following is helpful:

* AWS environments (EC2, RDS, etc.)

* Regex / Parsing

* Angular

And, for experience, we're looking for "mid" to "senior" developers who are able to:

* Work effectively as part of a remote team

* Write efficient, testable code

* Think beyond the immediate "spec" in front of them

* Integrate their code into existing production systems

* Communicate effectively with team members - this is critical for remote work